From Earworm to Earbud...

Cocoon was founded by Producer & Composer Bart Warshaw in 2016 to create unique, ambitious podcasts and premium audio projects that captivate and delight. 

Our award winning productions are made by world class producers, writers, editors, composers & mixers, and we provide comprehensive consultation services to ensure the audio finds its audience. 

Our Services

Development, Strategy and Pitching: 

We can help you refine your concept, shape your story, and create a compelling pitch or pilot. Our aim is to provide expert guidance in mapping out your podcast's content, style and audience, ensuring your show reaches its full potential to secure those crucial partnerships..


Turn your vision into a captivating audio reality with our full production service. Our network of award winning journalist,  producers, editors and sound designers can handle every aspect of your show, from booking and recording, to production and editing, and all the way through post-production, ensuring your podcast sounds its best. 


Make a grand entrance into the podcasting world. We'll handle everything from marketing to release day, ensuring your podcast gets off to a flying start.


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